And so it begins…

Hello, Mel here, local merch owner and flea market enthusiast. Are your records collecting too much dust all the time? Do your band shirts smell like moth balls, take up cupboard space and are simply driving you crazy? Are you looking to bigger your punk memorabilia? Think there’s no answer? You’re so stupid! There is. Punk Rock Flea Market! – Finally, there is a place where you can go to sell your punk rock shit, or pick up someone elses…. You’re all winners. Do you have double descendents CD’s? Are you after an old hoodie, new hoodie or an in-between? That doesn’t matter, cause we have it all! Punk Rock Flea Market! You’ll love it! So come on down to the Sando, Newtown.We’re the hoooooome of the Punk Rock Flea Market!

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